Capacitor Code Calculator

The capacitance of a capacitor is usually represented by a 3 digit-code imprinted on it.

How to calculate capacitance from code

For a three-digit code, "xyz", the capacitance will be the number represented by the first two digits "xy" multiplied by 10^z pico-farads.

For two-digit and one-digit codes, the number represented directly translates to the number of picofarads.

Therefore, "220" and "22" both represent a capacitance of 22pF.

Often times, a letter follows the numeric code, and this represents the tolerance. A list of tolerances can be seen below.

Capacitor Code




Symbol Tolerance(%)
B ±0.1
C ±0.25
D ±0.5
F ±1
G ±2
J ±5
K ±10
M ±20